Barcelona Study Abroad Program-Fall Semester 2018

Stay on track with science, math, engineering academic requirements and study ABROAD!

Interested in studying in the neighborhood of Picasso, Dali, Gaudí, Miró and Messi? The Barcelona Fall Study Abroad Program is designed for current Georgia Tech undergraduates seeking to immerse themselves in STEM courses and Spanish culture as part of a study abroad program.  Students attend small classes (~10-20 GT students) under the supervision of GT faculty as part of this 12-week program.  Tentative program dates are Monday, September 3, 2018-Wednesday, November 28, 2018. Program-related excursions include visits to Catalan/Spanish cultural sites, local scientific industry, research centers and participation in social and professional development activities with local students and faculty while residing on the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona campus. Transient undergraduates are also welcome to apply to the program.

Tentative Courses for Fall 2018:  On-sight courses will be offered in approximately two six week periods. Two distance courses (which span the full semester) are also available.  Students must register for 12-14 credits from the below courses as part of this GT-faculty led study abroad program.   

Course offerings in the first half of program. Pick 1 or 2 of the following:

  • CHEM 1315-Survey of Organic Chemistry (3 credits)
  • CHEM 2311-Organic Chemistry I (3 credits)
  • MATH 2551-Multivariable Calculus (4 credits)
  • SPAN 2001-Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits)
  • SPAN 3813-Special Topics-Introduction to Catalan Language (3 credits)

Course offerings in the second half of program. Pick 1-3 of the following:

  • APPH 1040- Scientific Foundation of Health (2 credits)
  • CHEM 4511-Biochemistry I (3 credits)  Note: Students enrolled in CHEM 1315 or 2311 in the first six weeks, or prior to the start of the semester, are allowed to register for CHEM 4511-Biochemistry I.
  • MSE 2001- Principles and Applications of Engineering Materials (3 credits)
  • COE 2001-Statics (2 credits) Note: Option to take also MSE 2801-Special Problems in Statics (1 credit)-This course can be added only if you are taking COE 2001-Statics. It counts as a free elective towards degree requirements.

Courses that span the full semester (i.e. distance options): Pick  0-2 of the following:

  • BIOL 2344-Genetics (3 credits)*
  • PSYC 2103-Human Development (3 credits)*

*Students may elect to enroll in BIOL 2344-Genetics and PSYC 2103-Human Development, which are offered as online distance courses, and will span the full 16-week full term.  You may be required to attend lectures on the GT-Atlanta campus before and after travelling to Barcelona. Note: Students would be responsible for his/her housing while in Atlanta. GT-Atlanta campus housing is not available.

Estimate of Program Costs:  The program fee is $6,500 which covers housing, program excursions, a few meals, and instructional costs.  Participants will be responsible for his/her airfare, in-state tuition and fees, and most meals. For an estimate of entire program costs, please see the GT Office of International-Barcelona Fall program description.  Applicants are also encouraged to apply for OIE scholarships. For in-state students, Hope and Zell Miller scholarships may be applied towards tuition costs. 

Georgia Tech reserves the right to alter or cancel this program due to low enrollment, unavailability of a professor to teach a planned course, or other unforeseen circumstances. If Georgia Tech cancels the entire program before departure for reasons within its control, all fees paid by participants will be refunded. If Georgia Tech cancels the program before departure or while the program is in progress for reasons beyond its control, such as political unrest or danger to participants’ safety, only those fees that Georgia Tech is able to have refunded by service providers will be returned to participants.


Other GT faculty led study abroad programs in the College of Sciences at Georgia Tech include:

  • BEST Lyon, France Study Abroad Program (offered summer semesters): Applications accepted starting Oct 15 for coming summer semester
  • Valencia Study Abroad Program (offered summer semesters-even years only), Applications accepted Oct 15 for the coming summer semester (program offered in the even years only)
  • Pacific Study Abroad Program (offered spring semesters), Applications accepted, May 15 for the following spring semester (Note: THIS PROGRAM QUICKLY FILLS. APPLY WHEN APPLICATION OPENS!)