Conference Travel Grants for College of Sciences Undergraduates

Georgia Tech undergraduates, currently enrolled in a B.S. degree program in the College of Sciences and who have been accepted to give an oral or poster presentation on their Georgia Tech research at a professional conference, are encouraged to apply for conference travel funding.

Rules and Eligibility:

1.  Applicants must have applied for the Georgia Tech Student Government Association (SGA) Undergraduate Travel Award  and Office of Undergraduate Research, PURA Travel Award and received a decision regarding their applications.

2.  Applicants must have anticipated travel expenses that are not met by their SGA or PURA travel awards or faculty advisor/School.

3.  Applicants must submit a completed application for Conference Travel Grant for College of Sciences Undergraduates at least 14 days prior to travel to the conference.

4.  Applicants can only receive one College of Sciences' travel grant per fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

5.  Prior to travel and once all funding sources have been determined, the applicant must complete a non-employee GT Travel Authorization Request form. Students are advised to work with their research advisor's support coordinator to complete this form.

Award Amount:   Applicants will be considered for funding equivalent to the travel amount provided by the research advisor or student's major school up to a maximum of $250 (domestic travel) or $350 (international travel) per fiscal year. Limited funds exist in the College of Sciences, thus students are encouraged to apply early.

Travel award disbursement:  The student, after returning to campus from travel, must complete a non-employee Travel Expense Statement and submit the statement, together with necessary receipts, to the research advisor's support coordinator.  Reimbursement to the student is typically 7-10 business day after submission of the Georgia Tech travel expense statement.

Apply for funding: Conference Travel Grant for College of Sciences Undergraduates

Post travel report:  Awardees must submit a College of Sciences undergraduate conference travel post report within 1 week of return from the conference.